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Terroir from Space aims to foster adaptation to climate change for the agricultural sector, with an initial focus on viticulture being a huge market and one of the most disrupted by the effect of increasing climatic shifts, resulting for many wine regions in lower yields, higher running costs and grape quality standards more and more difficult to be met. We pursue an adaptation philosophy, being aware that the current climatic shifts are increasing and a long-term strategy is the sole approach that can safeguard the agricultural sector. Therefore we aim to impact from the medium to long term run, where mitigation practices can hardly cope and balance the equation. We leverage solutions on a wide variety of data (primarily Earth Observation) deploying our AI predictive model capable of assessing current and future evolutions. Accordingly, we support winegrowers and consortia offering services that identify unexploited planting sites, optimal for high quality wine production ensuring the related investment is safe and sustainable, both financially and environmentally.

Terroir from Space (TfS) is an Italian startup founded in late 2021. TfS’s team is the primary strength of the project: it is composed of group of motivated individuals, with complementary backgrounds (technical and business) and skills, mixing multiple nationalities. The bonding aspect is a shared passion for the wine domain and its intricacies, converging in our shared vision.


Via Nazionale 89, 24060 Casazza Bergamo, Italy

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      Via Nazionale 89, 24060 Casazza Bergamo, Italy

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      Alessandro Saetta - CEO

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      Q4 2021

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    Terroir from Space is tackling the increasing impact of climate change, which is globally disrupting traditional wine geographies. Accordingly, we are developing a service to support winegrowers and consortia in identifying unexploited planting sites optimal for high quality wine production, ensuring a sustainable production in the long run, assessing site exploitation risks and local parameters' evolution. Our solution relies on a predictive Artificial Intelligence model trained with Earth Observation data, in situ data and downscaled climate projections. We carefully assess the climatic risk and guide the customer in taking those strategic actions (e.g. the matching between identified site and most suitable vine variety), providing scientific-based added security to our customers’ investments, while boosting the implementation of environmental sustainability (lower need for water consumption and pesticides, biodiversity preservation). We ensure (wine)growers’ ability to continue producing, safeguarding the economic and social prosperity of those rural areas most affected by climate change. At the same time, our solution is suited to emerging terroirs benefiting from climatic shifts.

    A dedicated online platform will support the provision of our core service - identification of optimal climate resilient sites for viticulture - paired with a constant monitoring for agronomic optimization via a subscription plan. As a scaling strategy, we will serve new segments such as insurance companies (an important actor along the agricultural value chain), which are definitely interested in the value provided by our service. Furthermore, we will extend our service to other high-value crops, affected as well by climatic shifts.

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