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THALES ALENIA SPACE, joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), is a key European industrial player in Space Telecommunications, Earth Observation, Navigation, Science, Exploration of the Solar System and beyond. With over 40 years of unrivaled experience, the Company is the natural partner to countries willing to expand their Space programs and invest in the Space Economy. Governments, Space Agencies, private companies count on THALES ALENIA SPACE as global system integrator to design, test, manufacture cost-effective Space-based systems and technological solutions. Our spacecrafts and payloads are a worldwide benchmark for: civil, military and dual use missions, telecom constellations, high-resolution radar and optical sensors, connections and positioning, environmental monitoring, human spaceflight, planetary robotics, scientific probes, space transportation vehicles, flexible payloads, altimetry, meteorology. THALES ALENIA SPACE also teams up with TELESPAZIO to form the parent companies’ SPACE ALLIANCE, which offers a complete range of systems, services and space data.

THALES ALENIA SPACE ITALIA SpA  is the Italian component of THALES ALENIA SPACE operating on four sites: Roma, Torino, L’Aquila, Milano. Since 1970s the Company has designed, manufactured, integrated, tested, operated and delivered over 200 satellites and innovative space systems, fundamental applications for sustainability of Earth: Remote sensing, Telecommunication, Navigation, Space Science and Exploration. THALES ALENIA SPACE ITALIA SpA as one of the top historical players worldwide, collaborates with the leading international space industries and the most prestigious agencies, as: NASA, ESA, ASI. It offers cutting-edge space technology to commercial and institutional customers around the world: Systems design for Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration, Pressurized living compartments, Earth Reentry Vehicles, Scientific Probes, Spacecrafts and Constellations assembly, integration and testing; Earth observation radar, Navigation systems, Telecoms Defence Satellites; High revisit small sat Constellations; Digital payloads and Equipments for platforms and payloads of all the above applications. THALES ALENIA SPACE ITALIA SpA acts as catalyst of the national Space Economy supporting win-win collaborations with SMEs and StartUps.



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    COSMO-SkyMed Italian radar-based Earth Observation system developed for ASI and MoD, provides worldwide high resolution images. Constellation of four satellites with X-band radar, can operate day and night under any weather or visibility conditions with high revisit. Conceived dual purpose (civil and military) is top of precision, features and image quality for: risk management and damage assessment within natural or man-made disasters, strategic infrastructures management. Responsible of 1st and 2nd generation entire system.COSMO-SkyMed enables strategic and tactical Image Intelligence helping Armed Forces and Governments in decision making for people security.

    EOS20 Radar Constellation compact, lightweight, high performance imaging platform with high revisit time to satisfy military and civil purposes. Innovative technologies: Payload Data Handling & Transmission, Control Moment Gyro, Very High Resolution Radar reflector and radar sensor , Integrated Processing, data-handling and AOCS Controller. The product won the Korean Defense bid for space radar surveillance.

    COPERNICUS-SENTINEL EU'program for environmental monitoring, sustainable agriculture, maritime surveillance, natural and anthropogenic threats. Provides ESA with timely, easily accessible high resolution images. In Copernicus Extension: new generation C- band Sentinel for service continuity; in Copernicus Expansion extends the scope with: ROSE-L for Land Monitoring and Emergency Management by L-band; CIMR multifrequency microwave radiometer for sea and Artic monitoring.


    GALILEO Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System, key where extreme accuracy and reliability are critical: railways, maritime and air traffic management, Smart Cities'services. Prime contractor for 6 Second Generation’s satellites, leveraging on serial manufacturing of wide constellations and the heritage on IOV and 1st generation: ESA Engineering System and Calibration support; signal generation units and antennas supplier for the first 22 satellites.


    SICRAL Italian MoD communications system of 3 satellites, it improves capacity for strategic and tactical links in Italy and for out-of-area operations with terrestrial, naval and air platforms assured until 2030 with the launch of 2 new satellites. Geostationary satellite operating in UHF and SHF band, allows interoperability between  the networks of defence, law enforcement, civil emergency agencies and those responsible for strategic assets. Seamless integration with infrastructure of NATO allied countries.


    SpaceHOME Product Line of any Human Life’ support System for institutional and commercial customers. Responsible for decades for most of the International Space Station pressurized living spaces (as Columbus Lab, Nodes, CUPOLA observation deck) and its logistic resupply: Multi-Purpose Logistic Modules, Automated Transfer Vehicle and Cygnus at its 15th visit to the ISS.

    ARTEMIS, returning humans on the Moon by 2024. Habitable element provided for NASA's HALO and ESA Prime Contractor for two elements of the Lunar Gateway, next space station in Moon vicinity: International Habitat iHAB and ESPRIT (crew quarters, panoramic view, communication/refueling services). Mission enabling studies: human lander, surface shelter, logistic carriers. In the frame of ISS commercialization, collaborates with: Northrop Grumman, Axiom, Nanoracks for LEO private exploitation.

    After Trace Gas Orbiter, that gathered valuable information orbiting Mars since 2016, Prime contractor to ESA/Roscosmos for ExoMars 2022  and integrator of Mars Sample Return Earth Return Orbiter, Missions aimed to find evidence of life on Mars.

    Integrator and Spacecraft/Payload developer for Deep Space Exploration: BEPICOLOMBO first European mission to Mercury; EUCLID a near-infrared space telescope to study dark matter. Leader for reentry vehicles in Earth atmosphere (IXV), is now developing SpaceRider: launch to LEO, execute up to 2 months experiments before softly land on Earth. SpaceSTART Product Line for On Orbit Servicing and debris management.

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