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TSS srl is a company that operates since 2000 in special processes and more underlined, with thermal spray coatings and brazing.

TSS srl is a small company, but with high technological profile.

Engineering specialists have an elevated skills and are present in the company with a high rate in relation to production employees. All the equipments are full automatic and assisted by robot and computers.

Part of the production is of items designed and developed inside, and are actually used in the aerospace field.

The production is conducted in an industrial building of 1000 sqm with the support of 600 smq for technical and administrative operation.

The company is strategically located at 2 km from the exit of Cassino of A1 highway, far only 100 km from Rome and 100 Km from Naples, linked with the same highway.

Customer list is very qualified. Companies as CIRA (Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali), Fincantieri, Peroni Pompe, Pilkinghton NSG and more, are by over 15 years in the list.


Via Solfegna Cantoni snc, CASSINO FR 3043

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      Via Solfegna Cantoni snc, CASSINO FR 3043

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    TSS capability is related to all technologies of thermal spray and to cupper brazing processes and more underlined, concerning Metallization, Plasma and HVOF (high velocity oxy fuel) coatings. The three technologies can perform coatings of all kinds of powders on the market, such as WC (tungsten carbide); CrC (chromium carbide); Ni (nickel) base metallic; Co (cobalt) base metallic; all grades of stellite; Cr2O3 (chromium oxide); Zr2O3 (zirconia); Al2O3 (alumina); TiO2 (Titanium oxide); Cu (copper) etc. Thermal spray coatings have a wide range of applications from aeronautical field to oil & gas, as well as glass and paper production, or aluminum lamination. Furthermore, the production of thermal spray coatings for many other purposes such as dimensional restore of worn parts, thermal insulations, electrical insulations, anti-wearing of rotating parts may be considered.

    Brazing of cupper items are conduct in specific furnace as well as with manual torch braze.

    TSS is involved in all the above fields and is specialized in manufacturing of plungers of alternative pumps and mechanical seals of centrifugal pumps, being the principal producer of such items in Italy. TSS has also a special skill to develop new applications or new solutions for any kinds of industrial problems solvable with thermal spray coatings. To support these activities, the Group has one of the most complete laboratories to perform all kinds of tests needed to set and check performance of coatings.

    The production is conducted with the support of:

    • Metallization, Plasma and HVOF full automatic equipment of last generations, operating in cabins capable of parts up to 5000 kg of weight and 2000x2000x1000 mm of dimension.
    • Furnace for brazing;
    • A complete mechanical department with lathes and grinding machines for the manufacturing of plungers and rotating mechanical seals.
    • A laboratory that can perform tests also for aeronautical field.

    TSS has many certifications and qualification of the major companies operating in all the above fields mentioned.

    TSS is also partner of the University of Naples for research and development of new coatings and new application.