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ThinkQuantum Srl is a start-up, spin-off of the University of Padua, offering complete solutions for cyber security and communication systems based on quantum technology. Major industrial partner, OfficinaStellare guarantees access to its scientific and opto-mechanical engineering skillset and to its solid international network and reputation in the Space Industry.

ThinkQuantum, with its personnel and capabilities, covers the full value chain from design and manufacturing to commissioning of quantum key distribution systems and quantum random numbers generation devices.

ThinkQuantum, based in Italy with an Italian shareholders structure, offers a reliable European supply chain to those partners active within  geopolitical sensitive application.



Via Della Tecnica 85, 36030 Sarcedo Vicenza, Italy

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      Via Della Tecnica 85, 36030 Sarcedo Vicenza, Italy

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      Simone Capeleto (Co-founder & CEO)

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    Innovation Labs - Via Trasea 7, 35131 Padova - Italy

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    Maturity of quantum technologies represents today the best answer to the growing demand for security in communications: an encryption communication can be based on the exchange of a key based on the physical status of photons and thanks to quantum properties endeavours attempts that can be identified. These systems are commonly referred as Quantum Key Distribution, QKD.

    ThinkQuantum QKD solutions cover fiber, free-space and hybrid links and they come both in daisy-chain (serial) and star configuration, with a variety of communication schemes such as intra-satellite, satellites-to-ground and ground-to-ground. Devices are based on patented designs.

    Despite their relevance, random numbers today come from deterministic methods and are in fact just pseudo-random number. Maturity of quantum technologies represents today the best answer to theneed of true random numbers. Intrinsic randomness of Quantum physics is exploited in order to extract and generate random numbers. These methodology is commonly referred as Quantum Random Number Generation, QRNG. ThinkQuantum QRNG devices provide random number with highest bit rate and unbeatable purity. Devices can be easily integrated into the security systems and professional electronics for a variety of applications.

    Our Missions & Programmes

    Established in 2021, ThinkQuantum is looking forward to contributing in taking Quantom Key Distribution to Space with satellites-to-ground and intra-satellite communication schemes.