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Trans-Tech is an Italian company founded on a proven 30-year experience in the aerospace sectors. For us Technologies Transfer means pushing space solutions into the market.

Trans-Tech provides requested technologies, methodologies and know-how to industry thanks to knowledge, experience and competence we’ve collected under a unique umbrella.

This highly valuable service is achieved also thanks to our business model: Trans-Tech embraces the Open-Enterprise concept, based on the synergic fusion of the best resources and capabilities coming from national and international companies linked each other by proper MOUs or contractual arrangements. Trans-Tech thus represents a singularity in the Italian engineering scenario: its mature and well developed experience together with the enlarged capabilities of our partners make Trans-Tech the best support for the development of innovative projects that require integration of comprehensive and differentiated technical competences. TransTech provides to the customers a single expert interlocutor able to intercept their needs and translate them into an efficient and effective answer, especially in a context of international and multi-national programs and collaboration


Via Filippo Palizzi, 107 Napoli NA

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    Trans-Tech srl provides services and solutions such as:

    • Advanced concepts, systems and special devices design and development
    • Technology Transfer, Concepts Feasibility, Products Innovation advisoring services.
    • Operative Support for R&D projects development (up to complete Management and team Coordination focusing on tangible results) and issuing of technical proposals for international and national funding opportunities.
    • Training & Education.

    The industrial sectors in which Trans-Tech naturally operates are: Space, Aeronautics and also Transport, Automotive and Energy as target for space technologies application and exploitation.

    Trans-Tech develops technological concepts and turnkey solutions for industry , research centers and the scientific community.

    The more recent example is the Autonomous Thermal Simulator (ATS), originally designed to support the ground calibration of “MicroMED”, a scientific instrument for the study of Martian environment that will be integrated on the lander of the ExoMars 2020 mission led by the European and Russian space agencies.

    The ATS not only meets the specific functional and operational requirements of the development / calibration / set up tests of equipment destined for space missions similar to that of MicroMED but introduces a significant change of the overall testing process: for setting up the instruments, for its calibration, and finally for the qualification and validation.

    Trans-Tech is the conceiver, team coordinator and designer of several innovative projects (have a look to our website), the most known in the world is the Hypersonic Airplane the HYPLANE. It is a “triple-use” jet for fast business travel, suborbital space tourism and mother aircraft for microsatellite orbital launch. It is a new concept of hypersonic transportation system able to offer access to stratospheric and space flights as safe, convenient and commonplace as today commercial air transportation .

    Around Hyplane project many technologies are being currently explored by Trans-Tech and its partners: High Thermal Exchange Leading edges, reconfigurable seats; innovative systems for Guidance, Navigations and Controls, On-Screen Display and many others.