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TXT is a software company involved in the Aerospace & Defense market delivering custom solutions to support major OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers. We have more than 30 years of experience in the development of certified systems. We support space projects in test, validation and certification phases by providing solutions for EGSE and Power SCOE systems.

We provide end-to-end support in development and integration of on-board systems, offering Verification & Validation services in order to ensure compliance to expected quality standards throughout the system development phases.

Our experience has enabled us to create a wide a range of turn-key products including Pacelab WEAVR able to manage the development of training contents in augmented, mixed and virtual reality.

TXT has a unit cross the whole group in charge of medium-to-long term Research & Innovation activities with a history of more than 80 research projects at European, National and Regional levels.
TXT is involved in the following projects: H2020 CS2 ADMITTED (coordinator), H2020 AI REGIO, H2020 TREASURE, H2020 XMANAI, HE SYNERGIES, HE CIRC-UITS, HE DACAPO, EDF NEUMANN, Italian Ministry of Economic Development SOFIA, ESA IRIS and LuFo: OPS-TIMAL, Pilot 3 Dispatcher 3 (Germany)


Via Milano, 150, Cologno Monzese, Milan 20093, Italy

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      Via Milano, 150, Cologno Monzese, Milan 20093, Italy

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      Andrea Bernasconi - Account Manager

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      +39 02 25 7711

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    Viale V. E. Orlando 83, 00185 Roma, Italy; Via Cornelia 498, 00166 Roma, Italy; Via F. Gentile 135, 00173 Roma, Italy; Via G. Spano 6/11, 10134 Torino, Italy; Corso V. Emanuele II 88, 10121 Torino, Italy; Via G. Amendola 170/5, 70126 Bari, Italy; Via Matarrese 30, 70124 Bari, Italy; Viale Aldo Moro 16, 40127 Bologna, Italy; Borgo Wuhrer 137, 25123 Brescia, Italy; Via Giulio Dolcetta 16, 09122 Cagliari, Italy; Viale Marazza 23, 28021 Borgomanero, Italy; Largo Lituania 11, 90146 Palermo, Italy; Via dei Muratori, 43123 Parma, Italy

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    Switzerland, Chiasso; France, Toulouse; United Kingdom, Bristol; Germany, Berlin and Munich; Netherlands, Delft; USA, Seattle and Dallas; Canada, Montreal

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    On-Board & Embedded Systems

    We develop custom software for embedded systems providing support during the complete lifecycle, from the definition of requirements to the certification. We have experience in supporting space projects in the development and management of EGSE and SCOE systems.

    Training & Simulation

    We develop and integrate tailor-made software modules for Training & Simulation systems. Supporting the entire lifecycle of the device, we recreate on-board and on-field operations in order to provide training for on-board, ground and mission crews in a safe and cost-effective environment.

    Pacelab WEAVR

    Pacelab WEAVR is a holistic platform designed for industrial enterprises to create, manage, and play XR content experiences with no prior coding skills required and scale seamlessly.
    Manage and distribute your XR training directly from browser.
    Track and measure user knowledge retention.


    Developing HMIs for safety- and mission-critical avionics and embedded displays only gets more demanding. VAPS XT offers HMI designers, systems engineers, and embedded engineers maximum control and flexibility for creating interactive real-time graphical displays for avionics and other safety-critical embedded applications.
    With an open architecture and integrated logic capabilities, VAPS XT provides the essential features for the design and deployment of certifiable cockpit displays, it provides a model-based environment supporting all phases of development from initial concept to embedded deployment. Through a flexible porting structure, VAPS XT applications can be easily deployed to virtually any embedded target with excellent performance.
    VAPS XT is a complete, object-oriented C++ avionics software development tool for all types of avionics cockpit displays, including ARINC 661. It provides qualifiable code generation for rapid development of DO-178C certifiable software.
    VAPS XT offers innovating key functionality including multi-touch and gesture support, an enhanced deployment environment, a performance monitor to simplify debugging, and a framework for more quickly integrating digital maps into displays.

    Our Missions & Programmes

    Sentinel, ExoMars, Cosmo, Rosetta, Orion MPCV, Space Rider, Biomass, Maser