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Tyvak International SRL is one of the operating groups and the first international branch of Terran Orbital Corporation. Terran Orbital teams are leading innovators and providers of nanosatellites and microsatellite space vehicle products that target advanced state-of-the-art capabilities for government and commercial customers to support operationally and scientifically relevant missions.

Tyvak International represents the most advanced and vertical integrated offer in the market of small space vehicle products and services. The proprietary technology and know-how, based upon the continuous progress in the miniaturization of semiconductors, enable to develop, design and commercialize small satellites platforms faster and cheaper with respect to traditional satellites systems. This also provides considerable opportunities to exploit the space more effectively and profitably.


Founded in 2015, Tyvak International has executed considerable space engineering projects, from mission concepts and feasibility studies to Nanosatellite development and integration, launch integration services and procurement of launch opportunities, on orbit operations for commercial and institutional customers at international level. The company has established partnerships with important stakeholders of the Aerospace Industry such as SMEs, Large System Integrators (LSI), Research centers and Universities. Tyvak International executes R&D programs with several of them focused on breakthrough technologies which will contribute in the next future to foster the company’s growth.

Tyvak capabilities include mission & system design, software and hardware manufacturing, assembly, integration & verification, mission services, launch integration & insurance services, on orbit operations. The company’s growth strategy included the partnership with local universities, research entities and advanced technology suppliers, in the Italian and European regional areas. Tyvak will maintain control of integration processes and will expand as needed in response to advanced space mission needs in the European framework.


Via Orvieto 19, 10149 Turin Turin, Italy

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    PRODUCTS  - Tyvak Product Line includes Phoenix, Trestles and Mavericks satellite  solutions meeting the needs of high performance nano- and micro-satellite missions. Tyvak designed its platforms to provide cutting-edge capabilities with inherent design flexibility to accommodate missions requiring S/Cs from 5 to 300Kg. All platforms offer: High Power, efficient electrical power distribution and management, custom and high-power solar array design; Advanced Thermal management; Precision attitude knowledge and control (next generation Star Tracker and reaction wheel assembly); Advanced fault handling and autonomous FDIR; Radiation-tolerant avionics; High communication data rates; Miniature Deployable Mechanisms and Structures; Reliable and hight throughput links (incl. high-gain X-band, S-band and UHF antennas); Configurable multi-mission components and bus; Custom mission operations design; Flawless integration with existing ground networks.

    MISSION SERVICES Tyvak critical role in nanosats development-and-launch activities affords the ability to provide its customers with a robust portfolio of consulting services. Mission Development and Analysis: mission design, compatibility and feasibility analysis, system engineering support and industry/application market research; Spacecraft Analysis and Development at system and subsystem level, requirements development and analysis, system engineering support; Integration and Test Support including integration process and procedure development and analysis, test plan development and test services. In Orbit Operations, Ground station development and third-party integration, frequency management and filing.

    The Launch Integration Services is a unique turn-key solution offered by Tyvak. Tyvak understands the unique challenges to get a customer satellite integrated with the right launch vehicle and mission to ensure success. To get the objective Tyvak provides its customer with System Engineering Support, including integration of complex s/c subsystems, vehicle ICD, safety and Mission Assurance; Assembly and Integration: custom deployment system design, fabrication and flight certification, s/c to-deployer integration, launch vehicle integration; System Testing of s/c system performance (environmental, shock, vibration, thermal, thermal vacuum) by aerospace test standards; Launch coordination and operations including selection of international launch opportunities, regulatory processes management and satellite on-orbit operations; Launch & Satellite Insurance characterized by competitive rates and favorable payment terms, simple process and contract, financial risks reduction analysis, to cover the full cost of launch/satellite in case of unexpected launch failure.

    APPLICATIONS Tyvak small satellites provide an advantage over larger, more traditional and expensive satellites due to built-in redundancy, lower cost and the ability to solve a myriad of challenges. Tyvak leadership team expertise supports Commercial, Government and Academic missions ranging from Technology Demonstration in LEO to Weather Data and Climate monitoring, Disaster Management, Advanced Telecommunication, Machine-To-Machine applications, Earth Observation and Maritime Security. Tyvak specialises in complex advanced mission and flown several spacecraft for Government agencies in the domain of Space Situational Awareness, precision LEO-to-Earth, LEO-toLEO and LEO-to-GEO surveillance, on-orbit inspection and proximity operations.

    Our Missions & Programmes

    COM-COMMTRAIL; ESA FSSCAT (PHI-SAT-1); COM-CICERO constellation; COM-ELO-Alpha; COM-Centauri constellation; ESA-HERA-Milani (Interplanetary)