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Wise Robotics is a startup born in 2015 made up of electronic and IT engineers, data scientists, economists and structural engineers with the mission of improving the quality and security of people’s life, through the development of a Iot of monitoring solutions able to analyse the data to provide information and analysis in real-time.

Wise owns expertise in Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, Robotics, System Development and Cloud Computing.

Among the projects developed by Wise, it is worth noting the Quakebots system, which is an innovative structural health monitoring platform based on Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing.

The value of Wise Robotics has been demonstrated by relevant European awards such as SME Instrument Phase I and recognized by several key players such as the Enterprise Europe Network, Microsoft, LVenture and Forbes for the development and validation of the Quakebots System.


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      via Ardito Desio 60 Roma RM 131

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      Gianni Alessandroni - Founder & CEO

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    Quakebots is an innovative real-time vibrational monitoring system to analyze the dynamic response of buildings and infrastructures. The system is a micro-computer with a high sensitivity accelerometric sensor connected to the Quakebots Cloud platform via Wi-fi, Ethernet or LTE.

    Quakebots is a system that combines the latest technologies in AI, IoT and Cloud computing to offer high precision and high-quality services. Wise has worked to create a Cloud platform that is highly scalable and has the potential to handle millions of buildings with very low latency. The system enables a continuous monitoring of the structure over time, which in turn allows to discover deviations of the behaviour of the structure from its normal state by means of AI and engineering algorithms, with the aim to help asset managers in the optimization of the maintenance operations.

    The Quakebots system has achieved relevant national and international awards that have contributed to the development of the startup.

    Among them we can find the European Space Agency grant that allowed Wise developing the Quakebots SAT technology.

    The new patented Quakebots SAT system combines the vibrational algorithmic component of measurements on buildings and infrastructures, with a positional component related to the use of GNSS. The Quakebots SAT allows to detect even the smallest displacement, landslides and the early identification of any slippage of a structure over time.

    The GNSS Quakebots SAT was installed on the Basilica of S. Francesco in Assisi, one of the test sites where it remained to perform acquisition and transfer of data. This allows Wise to integrate these components with vibrational monitoring devices already present on the structure, through external prototypal connections, in order to obtain results and data based on the correlation between the movements registered by the vibrational algorithms and movements registered based on the component of GNSS.

    Quakebots is a patented technology and has been tested on ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) vibrating table, together with DICA (University of Perugia), that certified Quakebots system and has already received an important market validation considering clients not only in Italy, but also in Belgium and Israel.